Harper’s Bazaar challenges pronatalism!

Ask a pronatalist what a woman’s most important job is, and they will tell you ‘motherhood’ without skipping a beat.  Because that’s all women are to pronatalists: walking wombs, just vessels for creating the next generation.  I cringe every time I hear a woman proclaim her most important job is motherhood.  How sad.  How self-demeaning […]

Don’t blur out their bodies

I’m fascinated by cults.  This morning I am watching a rerun of ABC investigative news show 20/20, “Simon Says”, about a cult.  It is airing on Investigation Discovery, owned by media giant Discovery Communications.  This particular episode is referring to the Jonestown massacre in Guyana. Every single other time I’ve ever seen the photos of […]

meanwhile as the catholics freak out

For starters, the Pope hasn’t actually said anything about urging parents to have fewer kids, but “Presenter at Vatican conference claims”, just doesn’t make for a snappy headline in mainstream media like the Daily Fail.  What’s more interesting is all the internal bickering and infighting within the Catholic Church over Pope Cuddly Grandpa. The Catholic news […]

Why the friendly antinatalist?

The truth is, the friendly part is a shameless ripoff of The Friendly Atheist (though he’s The Atheist Voice now), who is one of my favorite atheist personalities and whom I’ve been a fan of for a couple years.  I love his warm, considerate and thoughtful presentation style, and he’s very easy on the eyes […]

Yay blogging!!

I’m creating this blog to share antinatalist/pessimistic/misanthropic articles, memes and musings in addition to my YouTube videos.  I also really enjoy the blogging format and like having my own little sandbox to play in that isn’t Facebook or Twitter.  And I’ve noticed there seems to currently be a shortage of active AN blogs on the […]