Why the friendly antinatalist?

The truth is, the friendly part is a shameless ripoff of The Friendly Atheist (though he’s The Atheist Voice now), who is one of my favorite atheist personalities and whom I’ve been a fan of for a couple years.  I love his warm, considerate and thoughtful presentation style, and he’s very easy on the eyes too.  I also admire his intelligent and approachable argumentation, and his very thorough yet easily understandable logical analysis.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?  When I was inspired by Amanda’s contest and got the motivation to create my first video, I had to create a channel name.  I wanted a name with a little character that would set me apart from the sea of YT channels, while also still defining me as an antinatalist, similar to how Childfree diANe uses the powerful SEO-friendly buzzword ‘childfree’ as part of her channel name.  So The Friendly Antinatalist came to mind almost immediately, and voila.  Salty Misanthropic Antinatalist Bitch was just too long and honest.


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