meanwhile as the catholics freak out

For starters, the Pope hasn’t actually said anything about urging parents to have fewer kids, but “Presenter at Vatican conference claims”, just doesn’t make for a snappy headline in mainstream media like the Daily Fail.  What’s more interesting is all the internal bickering and infighting within the Catholic Church over Pope Cuddly Grandpa.

The Catholic news site Life Site News was the first to report that the Vatican hosted a four-panel workshop on Biological Extinction and one particular panelist, Peter Raven, made a claim  that “Pope Francis has urged us to have fewer children to make the world more sustainable.”  And of course the Catholic world is all a’flutter with the latest buzz from the Pointy Hat Beehive.

Only time will tell whether or not the Pope has the cajones to actually come out and advocate for smaller families himself, but my guess is he is a shrewder politician that that.  In the meantime, the Catholic world is totally freaking out over what to do about the rogue Pope who seems to have a difficult time towing the traditional conservative party line.  Some of the most hilarious internal dissent comes from the hate website, Daily Stormer, that warns against the “faggot pope encouraging white genocide.”  Where’s all that brotherly Christian love now?



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