Mainstream media coverage in the first quarter of 2017

There has been an lot of antinatalism media coverage on mainstream media outlets to start off 2017, and for the most part it has been remarkably positive and comprehensive.

The first piece came from Broadly Vice on January 3, which I covered on YouTube and generally liked, the shit title of the article being the main exception.

About a month later on February 5th, came “Meet the Antinatalists, Who Wish You’d Never Been Born,” from BTRread, which is one of four media sites run by BreakThru Radio, a media company that primarily focuses on streaming podcasts, audio and music videos, and offers some light editorial content with a focus on cultural issues.  This is also a pretty good article, though the author manages to completely dismiss the sound rationality of antinatalism cuz she would “still one day would like a little snuggly baby to call my own.”  At least she’s somewhat honest in her selfishness and blind optimism, which is more than most breeders are willing to admit.

And right after that came several articles from UK outlets, starting with The Independent and then BBC and Vice, all of which seemed coordinated to generate buzz for the release of the short BBC Three documentary, Young and Sterile: My Choice that was released on February 27 and has over a quarter million YouTube views as of the date of this post.  The BBC and Vice articles aren’t about antinatalism per se, but cover the related issue of sterilization.  The companion article to the BBC Three release, written by Paul Pritchard, is a very good short essay about one British man’s challenges to get sterilized.  It is well-written and enlightening, and I strongly recommend taking a minute to read it.

On March 2, Vice US reposted an article that originally appeared on Vice UK, covering the same BBC Three documentary.  The article mentions Pritchard, but features a different and much more colorful interviewee, Andie, an admittedly emotionally damaged woman who prefers to be referred to as “they.”  Insert eyeroll emoji here.

The Independent is a stale digital shadow of the respectable news organization it used to be just a few years ago.  Owned by a Russian oligarch since 2010, there isn’t much real journalism going on at the Independent these days, but they still seem to generate a fairly decent subscription base, and their AN article has about 1k shares as of the date of this post.  Their audience also still seems to slant primarily towards liberal/progressive, which accounts for the overall fair and friendly tone of the article.

There are noticeable absences from the February 7th article, like the asymmetry and consent arguments, but I think the Independent does the best job of actually explaining the particulars of the AN philosophy and most importantly, mentions peripheral issues such as assisted suicide and childfree tax credits.  Even the title of the article, “Antinatalism: The people who think the world is better off if humans didn’t exist” is actually accurate for once.  Good on ya Independent.

All this media coverage is very encouraging and 2017 has just begun.  There’s no denying our philosophy is gaining momentum and attention, which also means the inevitable backlash is coming.  It’s just a matter of time before some mainstream outlet offers up a rebuttal for us the shred.




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