Harper’s Bazaar challenges pronatalism!

Ask a pronatalist what a woman’s most important job is, and they will tell you ‘motherhood’ without skipping a beat.  Because that’s all women are to pronatalists: walking wombs, just vessels for creating the next generation.  I cringe every time I hear a woman proclaim her most important job is motherhood.  How sad.  How self-demeaning and belittling, and incredibly diminishing – that what is your most important job can also be done by any 14 year old crackhead.

Motherhood has never been a job – its been a role women have had little to no choice in, and have often been forced to participate in, since the beginning of time.  Like the article says, at best motherhood is an unpaid volunteer position you commit to for life.  To a person who never needed or asked to exist in the first place.  Basically you’re just taking care of the responsibility you selfishly and needlessly created.  I understand why women want to equate motherhood to a job; it gives an air of importance to babysitting.  I’ve always found it hilarious that when an immigrant takes care of children it’s “unskilled labor”, when a teenager watches a kid it’s “babysitting”, but when a parent takes care of their kid it becomes “the most important job in the world.”

Plus the Bazaar article really nails the double standard when applied to men: “If [the most important] job was being a parent, ambitious men would all be jockeying to be the best father in the world.”  And there you have it.



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